Thursday, October 24, 2013

Throw Back Thursday! Freshman Year!

This weekend I went through the files on my computer and I found a bunch of missing pictures from college! Today, I got an email reminding me that my five year reunion is coming up this spring (and asking for money)! My how time flies.

Here are some memories from Freshman year . . .

At some point I had a Toga party by myself?

I entered the beard growning contest.

I took this first ever picture of my husband.
The Blue Berry Spice Cake in the dinning hall was my
absolute favorite. We had it for desert at our wedding.

I had a layover in O'Hare when I went to Hawai'i for Winter Break.
My friends came and brunched with me at O'Hare.

Christmas Day on Maui.

I took Foundations of Studio Art

At the end of the school year I went to Greece
with my Mom, Grandma, and Stepgrandfather


  1. That is such an awesome photo of you in Greece! Very cool that you were able to find some great reminders of such fun times from college. :)

    1. That trip to Greece was really cool. My stepgrandfather is Greek and he speaks Greek so we got to see and do a lot more than we would have had we been on a tour.


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