Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Junior League

I'm really excited because I joined the Junior League here! I went to two meet and greets for potential new members and I had a wonderful time. At the meet and greets everyone was friendly and not in an overwhelming kind of way (I am shy so sometimes friendly people scare me) and I saw more Lilly in one place than I had ever seen in Maine before.

After the two meet and greets, I joined the League. Our first new member meeting was in September but the first really exciting event for new members was last weekend--Super Saturday. We went on a tour of the town and learned about all the things the League had started and helped with. Then we had lunch together and had a toast.

Red Cupping It
at the First New
Member Meeting

This past week, I went to a Girl's Night Out event at Alex and Ani and it was wonderful. I felt really awkward going in so after a semi failed attempt a small talk, I made it my mission to find a Christmas present for someone!

A Gift for my Mom
Tangerine Watercolor Beaded Bangle
Whimsical, Viviacious, and Free
Intial E Charm Bangle
Personal, Timeless, Distinctive

After settling on a gift for my Mom, her favorite color and letter. Then I settled into a group of other new members and I got a little something for myself. I had a good time chatting and I'm looking forward to the general member meeting coming up! Hopefully there will be some other new members there.

I part of the reason I joined was because I feel a bit lonely here in Maine sometimes. Most of my high school friends and family are back in Illinois. Our college friends moved away. I never really clicked with the people in my class at law school and it's been a struggle to stay in touch with them since lawyers are so busy. I hang out with Ben's friends all the time but they're the people he grew up with and they are really close and sometimes I'd like to have my own friends to hang out with.

So, I joined to make friends and push myself out of my comfort zone. I hope to make friends working on projects and I hope to learn how to be more organized and grown up. I also miss being involved and volunteering. Law school was so overwhelming that I just stopped. I miss doing things to help out in the world.

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  1. I'm so excited you joined the Junior League! I joined in LA, and they grouped all the first year "provisionals" together, so we were able to bond. Met some great girls through it. Now that I'm in the Boston league, I'm primarily involved in one project (a sort of Big Sister/Little Sister program). Once you start getting active in your placement, I'm sure you'll meet lots of nice people. But I hear you...it's so tough to make new friends as an adult. I give you serious props for putting yourself out there.


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