Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

My Husband loves decorating for Halloween . . . 

Our Decorations the Night They Went Up
Photo Curtesy of Mr. H.

The Creepy Glowing Pumpkin in the WIndow

A Master Artist at Work

Inspiration and the Finished Product
A Boo Jack O' Lantern

The Pumpkins on the Front Steps

The Decorations in the Day Light

I will be Senator Carol Moseley Braun for Halloween!

One days when I have to work, I generally wear a suit and dress a little older than usual and say I'm a notable African-American lawyer. When I was a student attorney, and had to appear in Court on Halloween, I "dressed up" as Condoleezza Rice for Halloween. Next year I think I'll be the First Lady.

Last year, I busted out my poodle skirt again (I bought it for my senior year of high school--the last time I went trick or treating) and I've repeated it at least twice since. I will put it on to hand out candy tonight.

I saved all the seeds from the pumpkins and I'll be roasting them using this recipe many thanks to the Merry Wife for suggesting boiling the seeds before roasting.


  1. Law is the scariest profession. :) Your husband did a great job on the pumpkins!

    1. I made the pumpkin with two teeth (it is a vampire pumpkin). He just made the Boo pumpkin but he spent much longer working on it than I did on mine.


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