Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pumpkin Time

While I've already had my Pumpkin Spice Latte (and I remembered that I didn't like them that much). It's clearly fall here in Vacationland so Mr. Handsome and I went to get our pumpkins.

When looking for a pumpkin. I only have one thought in mind. How many seeds does it have inside? I don't care so much for carving pumpkins. I like having one and I love roasting pumpkin seeds. But pumpkin guts are messy, I am afraid of sharp knives, and the pumpkin guts irritate my skin.

Mr. H taking our pumpkins to the register.

We went to Rocky Ridge Orchard in Bowdoin. They have apple picking, a farm store, and pumpkins! All of the pumpkins were so big! I was happy an impressed. But that made it hard to pick out a pumpkin because they were all so nice looking. I ended up getting a scraggly looking one with green stripes and Mr. H found a great round orange one. (I forgot to take pictures of them but I will post them once carved along with photos of our halloween decorations.)

They also have a Halloween area set up where they have a bunch of creepy decorations to take pictures with. We walked through and saw a small child who was very happy about a giant rubber spider. The spider looked almost as big as the kid.


We went into the store/bakery to wait for apple cider doughnuts (they usually also have pumpkin molasses and chocolate doughnuts too). It was a busy day so we had to wait for a while. But it was worth the wait because we got half a dozen fresh hot doughnuts.

We already had apples at home so we didn't go
apple picking or pick any up from the store.

Roasting Pumpkin Seeds
I do not have a recipe for roasting pumpkin (and squash seeds) but you could use this recipe from allrecipes.com as a start. I usually flavor the seeds with season salt, pepper, and maybe garlic powder. I also usually use olive oil instead of melted butter. Do you roast pumpkin seeds? How do you do it?


  1. I love pumpkin seeds! Usually I just boil and then roast them with butter and salt, but sometimes I put cayenne and lime juice on them too. I have not run into pumpkin molasses donuts yet. I need to find these! They sound soooo good.

    1. I am going to do some research into boiling them first! Thank you for the suggestion. I bet you could find them! There is molasses all over New England--it seems like a very New England kind of thing as I never saw molasses anything in Chicago.


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