Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day

Hubs and I woke up early to go downtown to watch the parade. Living in a small town is the best. I never went to the memorial day parade in my little suburban village of 27,000 people.

I was unhappy about having to wake up early on a holiday at
first but then I thought of something wonderful we could get downtown.
Their special coffee blend does in fact go great with doughnuts.
Reviewed and Taste Tested Here

They send the classic cars down first. The group included an eleventh generation thunderbird (a car
I wanted as my first car) and some Chevy SSRs (also a car from the turn of the most recent century).

Today was one of those days when it's okay
to let your child take candy from stingers.

Loud Noisy Bikers that made it so I couldn't hear one of the three marching bands.

My SIL's Marching Band

A truck.

The 4th Band Didn't March and were better for it.

More Old Trucks and a Fire Truck at the end of the Parade.

. . . and the drivers who had the great misfortune of
getting stuck behind the parade.
We went to my in-laws for dinner (hamburgers which were completed before the rain we had been promised all week arrived). I made pasta salad, pea salad, and cheese straws and I'll post the recipes for those next week.

I had Hubs take a picture of my OOTD in the yard.
#lillypulitzer #eryn #brooksbrothers
#marleylilly #hat #birkenstocks #pearls
I was not impressed with how this photographed.

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