Thursday, May 8, 2014

Happy Mothers' Day

My mom and me in Santorini with my Grandma (behind the Camera) after my Freshman Year of College.

In Honor of Mothers' Day I'm republishing something I wrote on my mother's birthday a few years ago. That day was her birthday and the day I was sworn in as an attorney and so in Boston, the place where America started, and I wrote about how important my mom was to getting me there.
Today was my mother's birthday and it was the day I got sworn in as an attorney in the State of Massachusetts!
None of this would have been possible without my mom (and my dad too but it's not his birthday). She is a wonderful role model and example. 
She taught me to be curious and explore things, since she is a surgeon she usually demonstrated in a sciencey way. I remember her helping me and my sisters dissect a mouse that had drowned in our pool and one Thanksgiving she helped us examine the turkey giblets and told us what the equivalent organs did in people. While I didn't become a doctor these experiments fostered my interest in knowing things and understanding how things work. She read me books when I was little and taught me to read which is a skill I used every day to get myself through law school. She taught me to always be prepared by packing lots of toys and activity books to play with on plane rides and long car trips. Being prepared is a very important skill for an attorney. 
Most importantly, her example showed me the value of hard work and education and taught me that I could be anything I wanted to be and that my opportunities were not limited because of my gender or sex. Everything that I've accomplished so far would not have been possible without her support.
Happy Mothers' Day Mom! I am so thankful you are my mother.

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