Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Thankful Thursday May Recap

May was a wonderful month! Hubs and I were buried under good news. We both have new jobs (his won't start 'til the next school year). We will be moving some place where houses are less expensive so our pidly downpayment fund just might stretch enough to cover a downpayment for a home.

This OOTD got a ridiculous number of complements given
that I thought that I looked like some sister wife or something.

But getting used to working again after my relatively brief period of "unemployment" was rough. So I stopped keeping my good things log the weekend before I started working because I was "too busy" to keep it up. I also started playing candy crush, farm heroes, and 2048 on my phone under the covers after Hubs went to bed. (I am so bad and I need to stop doing that and start getting sleep.)

Gratitude Journal
4/24 - The baseball game was great and I had a great time with Hubs.
4/25 - We went for a walk!
4/26 - Hubs' parents had us over for dinner (tacos) and toasted my new job with champagne.
4/27 - We went to Orange Leaf for a date and they have Root Beer Float froyo again!

One of the highlights of the month was scoring this
Lilly Pulitzer Hot to Trot Classic shift on eBay. It's
perfect for my five year runion since I can pretend
the horses are white mules.

4/28 - I cleared my part of the DVR and read all my back logged blogs and webcomics.
4/29 - Hubs brought me a doughnut!
4/30 - I went to the NLS Happy Hour and it wasn't scary! Bars and strangers make me nervous. But this was great!

I made delicious spicy pickled carrots.

5/1 - I officially accepted the job!
5/2 - Hubs brought me 2 doughnuts and a cupcake!
5/3 - It was nice celebrating my FIL's birthday.

I celebrated May the Fourth Be With You.

New Year Resolution Updates?
I failed at all of my new year's goals except for spending less money on beauty products. I bought new shampoo and conditioner. My old stuff was by Bumble and Bumble and cost $30 each. The new stuff is by Burts Bees (the more moisture shampoo and conditioner) and cost about $8. So far it's pretty good. It's sulphate free so it doesn't lather up a lot but it leave my hair feeling clean and soft and it smells nice but isn't overwhelming (I grew up in a fragrance free house so I can't handle strong fragrances). Otherwise, I haven't been taking care of my body (no flossing or clarisonicng and drinking lots of soda). And, we've spent lots of money to celebrate the positive changes in our lives. I think this is just a case where I'll have to say May's been good but June can be better and resolve to do a better job flossing, &c. starting again in June.

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