Thursday, May 22, 2014

More Good News!

I won the laziest blogger ever award! Just joking. But I do feel bad about not having posted on time at all this week. I will queue up some more posts over the long weekend for sure since I will have time. I love my new job and it is keeping me super busy.

But now for the real good news: Hubs has a new job! I am so happy for him. But I'm a bit sad too since we'll have to move inland and further north. This suburban kid cannot quite handle the wilderness that is central Maine. (Although, I drove through tht area today to do some work on location and thought it was pretty.) I am so excited to get away from our crazy neighbors and maybe we'll be able to buy a home since the further north you go the cheaper houses get and our $10,000 towards a downpayment will go so much further.

Hubs' parents are kind of upset and sad because we'll be moving about an hour away. I am having a hard time being sympathetic because my parents live a 3 hour plane ride away.


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