Thursday, May 1, 2014

Closet Clean Out Update

In my "Closet Clean Out?" post, I said "I am going to be more lenient with my warm weather wardrobe since I love shopping for summer. I would like to aim for between 34 and 26 warm weather work outfits and between 26 and 19 casual outfits." I had no idea how many summer clothes I had then. But now I do.

I Emptied my Tubs full of Summer Clothes on my Bed Before Hanging them Up

Over Easter weekend, I brought up my summer clothes and started cleaning my heavy sweaters so I could pack them away.* I also took inventory and counted:

Summer and All Weather Tops
Cardigans - 36
(Including a Good Number of J. Crew Jackie Sweater Sets)
Sleeveless Tunics - 2
Long Sleeved Tops - 21
Nice Long Sleeved Tees - 11
Short Sleeve Tops - 11
Sleeveless Tops - 11
Poloshirt, short sleeved - 8
Poloshirt, sleeveless - 3
Polo Shirt, Long - 1
Nice Shortsleeve Tee Shirts - 12
Oxford Shirts - 4
Tank Tops - 14
Blazer - 1
Total Tops: 135

My Sweaters and Shorts Neatly Folded
Summer and All Weather Bottoms
Shorts - 18
Capris - 1
Slacks, Work - 5
Nice Jeans - 3
Old Navy Jeans - 2
Skirts/Skorts - 33
Total Bottoms: 62

Summer Dresses and All Weather
Shifts - 37
(Mostly Lilly)
Sleeveless Dresses - 19
Short Sleeve Dresses  - 29
Longer Sleeved Dresses - 7
Total Dresses: 92

Some of My Dresses

Casual Wear
Work Out Tops and Bottoms - 12
Long Sleeveed Lounging Tees - 15
Work Out Tees -  21
White Tee - 4
Sweatshirts - 7ish
Long Pajama Pants - 2
Pajama Shorts - 2
Nightgowns - 4

Where I Keep my Off Season Clothes and Linens

Party Dresses - 9
Suits, all year - 7
Summer Suits - 1

Winter Only Clothes
Wool Skirts - 3
Heavy Long Sleeved Dresses - 4
Flannel Shirts - 2
Heavy Wool Blazer - 1
Casual Pants, Flannel Lined, &c - 3
Wool/Cashmere Sweaters - 11
Turtlenecks - 5

So I am not sure what to do now. I've got a lot of trimming to do. But while unpacking my stored clothes I realized that one of my favorite dresses was missing. I think I put it in with the clothes I was thinking of giving away! So there may be a few things I'll have to add back into my count. As it stands I have over 100 summer, spring, early fall outfits. How and I going to cut this number in half?

 I think I need more long pajama bottoms. I end up without a clean pair of long pajama pants in the winter and I end up freezing! I am also not sure what to do about all my cardigans they are so useful for layering over sleeveless dresses and tops. I've also been trying to keep a variety of shirt colors so I have lots of mixing and matching options but that also means I end up with 134 tops.

Any suggestions? I'm really now sure how to manage. #richkidproblems

*I "hand wash" my nice sweaters and while taking inventory I took out a lot of worn once things to wash before putting away for the season or I washed them just because I couldn't remember when I washed them last. So I had a horrible laundry backlog that's finally almost been resolved. My second batch of hand washed sweaters just finished drying. I did so much laundry!


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