Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Hubs friends gave him tickets to the Red Sox Yankees game last Thursday and he wanted to go with me! I am not particularly into sporting events so I thought he'd prefer to go with someone who'd care more and would be more involved in the game. But no, he wanted to go with his wife.

It was spring in Boston and there were flowers
and pollen. Spring has not yet come to Maine.

We headed down to Boston that afternoon. (I planned on street parking and I found some! But Hubs doesn't keep quarters in the car for meters. So I sat in the car while he found some change and a meter maid came by but I didn't have to move and Hubs came back with some quarters.) We met up with one of my high school friends at Algiers Cafe in Harvard Square. I ate some delicious fries and she told me about how her life's been going. It was good to see her since I hadn't seen her since my wedding and we didn't really get to talk then.

We sent a snapchat selfie to a friend who
just found out he passed the Bar!

After catching up we headed over to Fenway and got stuck in a tunnel in traffic. One of my law school exams involved a traffic accident in Boston's big dig that turned into a disaster with explosions and collapsing tunnels. Ever since that exam I've been so afraid of all the tunnels under Boston and I was so nervous sitting there in traffic.

It was all okay though! Nothing happened that would give rise to a law suit and we got to the game an hour and twenty minutes before it started.


We found our seats and got our dinner. Always one for novelty food items, I could not resist the foot long hot dog. Where else can you get them? Not at your average grocery store. FYI the Fenway franks are delicious and they're a close second to my beloved Vienna Beef hot dogs. I also got cotton candy to save for later (I managed to wait to eat it until the game started). There was a cute baby at the game near us who kept giving her cotton candy to her parents. She had no idea what she had apparently.

I beg to differ. America's most beloved ballpark has ivy in the outfield.
#WrigleyPark #LetsGoCubbies

I got hungry again during the second inning so I went to get more foods. While looking for the pizza Hubs requested, my coat and I got hit on a man who asked if there was room for him to warm up in my coat. I gave him an honest answer of "no" and he politely ambled on.

We could have gotten Clam Chowdah from a vendor. I guess only in
Boston. We didn't indulge because I have bad memories involving
Yosemite National Park, carsickness, and clam chowder.

After that encounter I waited in line and got Hubs a pizza slice. The line at the hot dog place was so long I just went back to my seat. So between the next inning I went to go get myself another foot of hot dog. It was also delicious.

The game went horribly for the Red Sox. I tried to give them pep talks from my seat but I wasn't terribly good at it. Going into the 8th or 9th inning I observed that they'd need more than two grand slams just to tie up the game. I also enjoyed booing at Ellsbury. I used to like him but not anymore.

It kind of reads like a Menu, "Carp Tonight."

But, since the game went so horribly, a wonderfully horrible thing happened. Mike Carp, a position player, pitched to close the game. I love novelty so I was happy to see something so unusually occur. We were trying to figure out what was going on with the score board while he was pitching. Carp threw a variety of pitches including knuckleballs and we weren't sure if the person naming the pitches was just making things up or if Carp was actually trying out every type of pitch possible. I wish we could have listened to Don and Remy's commentary during that last inning!

It wasn't very cold but we were sitting in the dark for hours and it was
so windy. I needed to fasten my hood to keep it from blowing off.
The game ended well after ten. We stopped at Dunkin to get coffee before heading home (Starbucks was closed). We got to our car a little before midnight and I got us home by 2 AM. There was a package on our front step. Hubs had ordered a birthday present for his friend. The mailman left it there around 2 PM and it was still there 12 hours later. Maine where people don't steal packages off your front porch even if they sit there ALL day. We slept in so late the next day.


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