Thursday, April 17, 2014

Interview Advice

So! I had two interviews this week. Last week I reached out to my school. I had interviewed for a position at my school and didn't get it. But I knew everyone who interviewed me so I reached out to one of my interviewers and asked her if I could sit down with her and talk about how I did in my interview and how I could do better in my next interview.

We had a really great time talking.  I was a shy child and I never grew out of that so I am a quiet and reserved grown up. I like sitting and thinking but not necessarily talking with people. So she invited me to give her a call so that she could help me practice for interviews. Well on Monday I found out I had two interviews and I sent her an email on Monday and I popped into her office on Tuesday to practice interviews with her and another school employee.

It was great. Practice really does make perfect and they pointed out things I had never thought of doing in order to prepare for interviews. The two most helpful thing they told me to do was to read the job description in the mirror and pretend that each bullet point or sentence was a question for me to answer and to practice describing past work experiences. Looking in the mirror when I was talking helped me make my face look more confident. Practicing saying what I had done and what I could do helped put me at ease and feel like I could do the work!

What do you do to prepare for interviews?

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