Thursday, April 24, 2014

April Thankful Thursday

Things I'm Thankful For
3/28 Hubs was so nice about cheering me up when he got home. I had such a rough day for no reason in particular but he made me feel better. I am so thankful that he's a part of my life.

Alumni Dinner OOTN

3/29 It was sunny and warm and we went for a walk and got Frosty's Doughnuts! I sold over $1,000 worth of stuff on eBay in the past two days.
3/30 The vegan red beans and rice were delicious

No Socks for the First Time this Year

3/31 I learned a lot at the mortgage regulations CLE and it was great to see some of my classmates.
4/1 Free slushie!
4/2 I did a lot of work for the freelance project I have.
4/3 My job interview didn't go horribly.

4/4 We are making more on the side than I thought so I can take that into account in our budget and get more contact lenses this year. I caught up on my social media stuff!
4/7 Discovered Call the Midwife! Such a good show (I love my BBC period pieces)! It's on Netflix.
4/10 Alumni Dinner. I am proud of how much personal growth I've had in the past couple of years. I am a grown up.

4/11 I tried a new coffee house in town. I wore sandals for the first time ever this year!
4/12 Hubs has a new suit that fits and isn't black! I couldn't stand him wearing his black suit to weddings.
4/14 I have two job interviews this week! One over the phone and one in person.
4/15 I went to a carrer developing networking session.

#aprilinmaine It snowed on the 16th.

4/16 I thought my phone interview went well!
4/17 I had my in person interview.

Easter OOTD
Busting out My White Jeans Before Memorial Day

4/18 I went to a brown bag lunch with other attorneys, Judges, and Justices! I felt so good to go to meet people and learn a lot.
4/19 I started seeds for our garden.
4/21 I wasn't able to give my blood but that mean I could hang out with our friends that afternoon.

4/22 I have a job offer and I accepted!
4/23 I had a great time at the Junior Leauge Meet and Greet for Prospective New Members. Plus I found Cadbury mini eggs and Starburst jelly beans for Hubs!

New Years Resolution Updates
April was a tough month for me for some reason so I haven't been good at challenging myself or minimizing my envy. I didn't do a good job of sitting down and writing what I've been thankful for everyday, as you can see. I didn't get much exercising in but I had been doing a better time logging my food consumption. I have been having such a hard time drinking enough water!

How was your month? Are you excited for May?

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