Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My Sister Visited! It was Fun!

My littlest sister, E3, is one of those unlucky college students whose school has finals after winter break. She came to visit Mr. H and me after he finals at the end of January. She drove over six hours by herself!

The Grape Slushie I Got Myself because You're Only
Exactly 10,000 Days Old Once

She arrived on Thursday night in time to celebrate my 10,000 Day Birthday!

The Cake I Baked and Decorated for Myself

She was pretty tired when she arrived so we ate dinner and cake and headed to bed soon thereafter.

I baked the cake using cake flour! And I tried out strawberry frosting for the first time. When I went to the grocery store with Mr. H he asked me why I was getting plain vanilla frosting again so I shook it up. I almost got purple vanilla frosting but Mr. H likes the strawberry frosting so I went with that. I will go back to plain vanilla for the next cake since I thought the artificial strawberry flavor was off. The sprinkles and green icing on top were found items in my pantry. I am so glad they did not make us sick. We've had the sprinkles forever and I'm not sure when the green icing was purchased and used the first time.

E3 didn't want to do much other than chill. But, on Friday, she help me resolve my Gap Dress Dilemma. I had tried on this Gap dress in December at the store (and tweeted about it before anyone else did*) and ordered the tall size online because I'm kind of tall and this dress was short. It came and I was convinced that the regular in the store had fit better. I went back to the store and bought the regular size. But I still had no idea. E3 isn't much of a clothes person but she thought the Tall looked better on me and the internet agreed.

Please Help! Which Gap dress is better on me the regular size or the
tall size? The regular's waist hits closer to my natural waist but it three
inches above the knee so I think it's too short to ever wear to work. The tall
hits an inch above my knee but its waist hits at my belly button, several
inches below my natural waist. I'm only 5'8" but I usually go with tall
sizes for pants since my inseam is 34" or  35".

Tall was the winner.

We managed to see catch Catching Fire at the theater with E3 and my brother-in-law on Saturday.

On Sunday we went out to eat dinner. We to Mr. H's favorite place first. It was closed on Sundays. Then we went to our favorite place, usually open on Sundays, but closed that particular day. Finally we went to the Sea Dog. I feel so-so about eating there because it's an old mill and noisy inside and the food is good but not great. But in the summer they have the best outdoor patio around. We enjoyed our dinner. They had fried pickles.

The best part of E3's visit was Monday morning--a doughnut taste test extravaganza! Mr. H had brought home some leftover doughnuts from his doughnut club at school. (The teachers take turns buying doughnuts for their teacher meetings.) They were from the local place, Frosty''s. E3 said she didn't think it was the best doughnut she had ever had.

On Monday morning before she left I went out to Dunkin Doughnuts, Tim Horton's, and Frosty's and bought chocolate doughnuts and other doughnuts besides.

#myrealselfie #nofilter Pre-shower, early morning doughnut
 run to Dunkin, Timmy Hos, AND Frosty's for a taste test
with my sister #afrosandbaseballcapsdonotmix

I cut up the doughnuts into halves and kept track of which doughnut came from which place.

The Key to the Doughnuts and the
Ranking of Doughnuts on the White Board

The Dunkin' Donut Was Double Chocolate
(Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Frosting)
The Tim Horton's Doughnut Was Chocolate Cake, Glazed
and the Frosty's Doughnut was Chocolate Cake with Sprinkles

Somebody had to eat their words. In the blind taste test, E3 thought the Frosty's doughnut was from Dunkin' and she thought it was the best. She thought the doughnut from Dunkin' was the worst! This confirmed my assessment of the various doughnuts. To confirm the results we also had a glazed chocolate doughnut from Dunkin' because we suspected that the coating of glaze might trap moisture in the doughnut and keep it tastier longer. But we declined to change the rankings after trying more doughnuts.

The Instagram Record of the Event

I sent E3 on her way with a doughnut from Frosty's and a blueberry doughnut from Dunkin' and she made it back to her school safe and sound despite the impending storm. (I kept the cookie dough and brownie batter filled doughnuts for myself because I am the most selfish sister ever.) She said she was happy to be some place other than school and to eat home cooked meals. I hope she managed to get some rest before she starts up her last semester!

*After I bought the dress it exploded on social media. I am kind of afraid that people will think I bought it just because I saw other people with it even thought that's not true. I kinda feel like I am channeling my middle school/high school self with this concern but for some reason it's bugging me a lot.


  1. Oooh the dress is so cute on you! I think I like the tall better but the do look so similar. I always say pick the on that feels the most comfortable.


    1. Thank you! I'm going with the tall since it will be long enough to wear to work.

  2. I think the tall looks better but they are very similar!


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