Thursday, February 27, 2014

February Thankful Thursday and Best of Instagram

Blood Donation OOTD
Ugg boots are the best at keeping my freezing feet warm.
Wearing short sleeves so the nurses can get at my veins.

1/30 I found a job listing I was excited about and I applied for it.
1/31 I donated blood. I was able to find a great use for the kitchen style crushed tomatoes I bought by accident.
2/1 Hubs and I watched a movie together. Our friends came over and we went to Tim Horton's.
2/2 We Skyped with our college friends while watching the Super Bowl.
2/3 I went to a job fair and wrote a cover letter for a real lawyer job!

Our Backyard on One of the Snow Days

2/4 I called my old nanny for her birthday. I got a call back from one of the recruiters at the job fair. It's not a lawyer job but it is a job.
2/5 Snow day! Hubs stayed home.
2/6 I have an interview with a firm! I got more contract work. I did five loads of laundry.

Bundling Up! Dressing in the Winter is a Multi Step Process
Wool Socks, Long Under Wear, Regular Clothes,
Warm Sweaters, and Arctic Rated Outwear Wear

2/7 I had my last shot before I move on to matinence allergy shots! I had a nice chat with the director of career servicces at the law school and got more books about hanging out my own shingle.
2/8 We went to Five Guys and OrangeLeaf (froyo) with Hubs' collegues.
2/9 I sold two things on eBay! Yeah for money!
2/10 I had my second shift as a volunteer tax preparer. Hubs and I had some good quality time together.

My Interview OOTD & Rocking my New Hair Cut

2/11 Got a great hair cut! I am so happy to have a stylist I trust.
2/12 I had two job interviews and I heard that another application would be passed on to the hiring manager. I took charge at the the Junior League New Member Meeting and rallied my subcommittee.
2/13 Snowday! Hubs came with me to the allergist so I got to sit with him while they waited to see if I had a systematic reaction. I am starting on the most concentrated vial of immunotherapy and soon I won't need shots every week.

2/14 Snowday! Ben bought me doughnuts and Dunkin gave us a carnation. (The carnation ended up lasting over a week and a half!)
2/16 We watched Minority Report together. It was a good interesting movie.
2/17 I watched Despicable Me 2 while donating blood. So funny!
2/19 We went to the theater and watched the Lego Movie. It was great! We got fresh snow. I just love fresh snow.
2/20 I got a free slushie at the gas station.

Random OOTD #lillypulitzer #jcrew #tiffanys

2/21 Looked at office space and started trying to get a quote for malpractice insurance.
2/22 It was warm (45) and we went for a walk. It was nice.
2/23 We went sledding.

An Abandoned Factory.

2/24 I was so productive yesterday. I got a lot off of my to do list and I fixed my broken Bose headphones.
2/25 So excited for Taco Tuesday on Wednesday. (See above where we saw the Lego Movie.)
2/26 I was so anxious about Junior League neighborhood meeting. It was at a member's home and I didn't know that member and I wasn't sure who else was in my neighborhood. But it was great!

LL Bean Signature Dress + Ugg Boots =
Little House on the Prairie Look

New Year's Resolution Updates
I did not exercise at all except for going for a walk and going sledding. I also didn't use myfitnesspal to track my food intake until this week. But hopefully I can keep up with tracking. I stopped drinking enough water using my water bottle really helps so I have to fill it up even when I'm at home. I'm flossing and using my Clarisonic pretty regularly. I am still so full of envy but I am working on finding the joy in my own life as you can see from my Thankfuls above. I am working on saving money. We averaged $36 a week on groceries (food items only) this month according to Mint! We did stockpile non-food grocery items (vitamins, paper towels, toilet paper). Over all in terms of saving it looks like our net income for February was positive so that puts us a little closer to owning a home!

How was your month? How are you doing with your new year's resolutions (if you had any that is)? What do you think of all my crazy facial expressions in my OOTDs?


  1. You've had an awesome month! Yay for giving blood - such an important thing to do! I used to get allergy shots, too and they are noooo fun! Glad you can move onto the maintenance shots now. Thanks for linking up! Have a great weekend!

  2. What a fun and full month, I am really wanting donuts now ;) I also watched Despicable Me 2 last week, I loved it! Thanks for joining our link up :)

  3. I loved reading about your month!!! And you are the CUTEST!! I love your OOTD posts!

  4. It looks like you had a great month! Am I following you on Instagram? I should be! What's your username? I'm jmomiller


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