Thursday, September 10, 2015


Levo League and Tieks ran a promotion where by Levo members got $50 off coupon. Having heard wonderful things about Tieks. I ordered a pair! I needed a new pair of navy flats since I've had to repair worn spots the pair I've had with sharpie.

I ordered by pair on Monday, August 4th. They offer two day priority mail shipping so I thought I'd get them before the move. They shipped the next day and the anticipated delivery day was August 7th! But that was not to be as you can see. They arrived after we moved and they had to be forwarded.

I came home looking for a great big box. And I couldn't find it and I was so worried. Hubs had brought in this little tiny box, smaller than a shoe box and they were in there!

The packaging was delightful! And as promised it came with a pouch for the tikes and a foldable reusable tote bag.

On to fit! My feet will suffer no pain. I'm that girl whose worn Birkenstocks constantly since middle school because once you break them in they are the most comfortable shoes. I wear bean boots and Ugg Boots to work in the winter because I cannot let my feet get cold.

But I ultimately decided to return them because my big toe protruded too much! You can see it trying to stick its way up through the top of the shoe. This is one of the things I absolutely can't stand about my body--my assertive big toes. If it weren't for my silly big, big, big toes I would have kept them!

And don't worry! I found a wonderful pair of more professional looking navy flats at Talbots and I've almost retired my well worn pair (I'm saving them for snow days).

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