Thursday, September 24, 2015

Ponds and Head and Shoulders, Two Product Reviews

So this past winter I had some skin trouble. It was so dry in our new rented house and so dry at work; my skin and hair were in anguish. I tried new makeup and I tried a new leave-in conditioner for my hair. They both gave me rashes since my skin is so sensitive.
Hubs's aunt recommended I try Ponds because that's what his cousin used on her sensitive skin. I was skeptical at first because it had fragrance, a big no for people with sensitive skin, and the fragrance smelled overwhelmingly like a stereotypical grandmother's perfume. It was over powering and my husband noticed. But it went on and it didn't irritate the rash caused by the new tinted moisturizer I tried. So, I kept using it and in about a week I noticed that the dark circles under my eyes weren't quite so bad.

Ponds noticeably improved my dark circles. It's about $5 for a big jar, all the little $20+  eye creams from Sephora that I've tried haven't done so much so fast. I was seriously impressed and I will keep using this until I die so that my grandchildren will come to associate the smell of Ponds with their good looking grandma.

So I ended up with a really, really bad rash on my scalp. I had tried coconut oil on my hair but I found that to hard to manage and too greasy. So I switched to a leave-in conditioner with a lot of fragrance in it that made it smell like a dirty hippy trying to cover up her dirty hippy smell. I got a rash on my scalp. I thought it was just dry scalp so I used more and the rash got worse. Eventually I figured out it was the leave-in conditioner, I'll blame the overwhelming fragrance, I should know better.

I ended up going to the doctor because the rash generated really bad dandruff, I thought my scalp was falling off (it was disgusting), I started to develop a bald spot on the side of my head, and my husband's dandruff shampoo burned when I used it. She recommended head and shoulders but said I had to stick with it. About the same time I read Chioma's review of Head and Shoulders new product line for "textured hair" aka Afros. I think Head and Shoulders must have had a big blogger based advertising push because I read about it other places too.

I was pretty skeptical of the the Head and Shoulders since I had been trying to go no-poo/sulphate free shampoo. But, it made my dandruff better and now I don't have dandruff anymore. And, when I went to get my hair cut last week my hair dresser commented on how soft my hair was! I wash my air with the shampoo about twice a week and I use the "co-wash" (the conditioner) after shampooing and in-between. I am so happy with how my hair is!

I was so pleasantly surprised by both these relatively cheap products that I discovered over the past year and I just had to share about them! It almost made up for the fact that Dove discontinued my favorite, and virtually the only, fragrance free antiperspirant deodorant this past year. I loved that stuff, now the only truly fragrance free antipersperant I can find is a gel. I've been alternating between that and Dove's Go Sleeveless Soothing Chamomile Deodorant (the fragrance is over powering but it hasn't caused a rash so far).


Do you have any products that you recommend?

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