Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Off to Be the Wizard, a Book Review

While driving out to visit my parents I read the best book! I'm going to start all rambling but I promise it gets somewhere...

I have also always loved science fiction and fantasy as genera. Lately I've been reading a lot of speculative fiction which is the umbrella term for science fiction and fantasy and things where the world is just kind of different. In middle school I was obsessed with computers and wanted to be a l33t haX0r. At about the same time I was a kid I used to play SimLife and The Sims all the time and I wondered what if we were sims on some computer somewhere! (I've never seen this particular concept outside of a dense philosophy tome; people aren't sims The Matrix, they're real they're just in a virtual world.)

This book takes that concept, the what if we're all part of a computer simulation, and runs with it to the Middle Ages. It is a crazy wonderful internally consistent mashup of science fiction and fantasy. It is also hilarious and it had me laughing out loud by myself. It's light jovial tone and fantasy setting reminded me so much of Terry Pratchett.

I read it for free during the trial period of KindleUnlimted that I ended up with when I downloaded the Kindle App to my phone. I loved the book so much that I am going to buy digital versions of the sequels (Spell or High Water and An Unwelcome Quest) because the author, Scott Meyer, NEEDS my money because his first book added so much value to my life.

And that is my book review. I loved Off to Be the Wizard and I think you will to if you like computers and speculative fiction or just reading hilarious books.

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