Thursday, August 8, 2013

Road Trip/Homeward Bound

Our good college friends got married in June! They went on their honeymoon, came back, and then moved to Chicago. JS has been working on his Ph.D. there and AT will start working on hers there this fall. Naturally, we helped since they are the best friends that anyone could hope to ever have and it gave me an excuse to visit my family.

My husband and I took the train down to Boston and we were greeted by JS's parents! They are some of the most wonderful people in the world. We got to AT's apartment and waiting around while they said their goodbyes to their family and finished loading up their moving truck then we hit the road.

We drove to Rochester, NY that night. It was a long drive, especially nice there were two cars and three drivers (JS has not yet gotten his driver's licence but he is good company on the road). After all of us got to Rochester we went to Applebee's--I had a milkshake and promptly went to sleep when we got back to the hotel.

Gary, ID

The next day my husband drove the moving truck through Cleveland! Cleveland is a lovely city but it has three sharp curves along I-90 which I imagine are not fun to take when driving a moving truck.

After lunch I went with AT while she drove the truck. We drove through Indiana and I was so relieved when we got to Gary (almost home). I think it's steel mills are beautiful in an industrial, we made Chicago's skyscrapers possible kind of way.

Gary, ID

And then we were home! I helped AT navigate the Dan Ryan and Lake Shore Drive (LSD). We were fortunate that the traffic was light, it was just after rush hour, and that no police officers stopped us for driving a truck on LSD.

Almost Home at Last!

Their neighborhood is lovely. It is near/in Boystown. The parkin situation was tenuous (we double parked in front of the driveway to the parking garage) so we unloaded the truck to the sidewalk in about fifteen minutes and then started brining everything in. There was a curious passerby who we were a little suspicious of but I think he just wanted to chat and not steal all of AT's worldly possessions.

My husband was so proud of himself for driving in the
City and then parallel parking AT's car on a busy street.

We dropped off the rental truck that night. Had Giordano's (only the best deep dish pizza) and passed out. AT does not like tomatoes at all. So we shared a deep dish peperoni and olive pizza with no tomato sauce and it was delicious I highly recommend giving a no sauce pizza a try.

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