Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Pink Tangerine in Kennebunkport, ME

Kennebunkport, Maine

There are two places I know of where I can buy Lilly in Maine. One is a bridal shop called Spoil Me (where I found my bridesmaid's dresses and my veil). The other is the Pink Tangerine in Kennebunk!

Instead of braving the parking in town,
I parked in the town parking lot about a
ten minute walk from the shops. 

I love going to Pink Tangerine. Kennebunkport is a ways from Portland and like most of Maine it's crazy with tourists in the summer so I don't get there often.

The walk was nice.

Before going to Pink Tangerine I stopped at the Deep Blue. They have sea glass and I wanted to get some for my sister since her birthday was soon. None of the sea glass looked interesting but the did have some very cool sea urchin tests (skeletons). I hope she will be able to do something crafty with them.

I really wanted to get this Island Co. dress that was on display.

I stopped in at Green Tangerine, Pink Tangerine's sister store, they carry Vineyard Vines and other brands you read about on "preppy" blogs. What I liked most of all were the Island Co. dresses but they were linen (I have an aversion to very wrinkled clothes) and they were rather short (I am on the tall side).

Pink Tangerine!
I went to Pink next and struck out. The Janice Dress in Sunkissed was too low cut for this prude. (Lilly didn't make many simply shifts this season.) The Foley dress was too expensive (I knew that would be the case) and it fit oddly (I think it ran larger than the Mariekate or the Tabitha). The Darcy dress in Ice Cream Social on sale was very low cut in the back. They were sold out of my size in the Delia in Cha-Cha.


But the girls who work there are the nicest and were incredibly helpful. I ended up getting the Maritime Skort in Get Nauti (it is so short as you can see in this blurry photo I took to send out for opinions on the length and the OOTD shot from later). I love the Get Nauti print. I hope I can get something more modest and easier to wear later, maybe a re-cut in the Endless Summer Sale. I also got the goody goody necklace and the storage bin in chin chin that I came for.


I walked back to my car and only stopped at one other store on my way back (I had donated platelets that morning so I was a little bit tired and I knew I had some more errands to run before I could go home.) I snapped some lovely photos though.

On the Bridge between Kennebunk and Kennebunkport.

P.S. I am trying to schedule posts on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Last week I had some trouble with the Internet so I wasn't able to schedule my posts.

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