Thursday, August 22, 2013

Lilly Pulitzer Endless Summer Sale Recap

I partook of the Lilly Pulitzer Endless Summer Sale. It was incredibly stressful and I wish I could bill Lilly for the time I spent trying to make a purchase. I probably would have recouped my expenses.

Foley Dress in Turquoise

Photo from Lilly Pulitzer

I had a plan. I brought work to do from home so that I could work at home in the morning for a bit and then go in after making some sale purchases. My plan didn't quite work out. At 8ish I tried to look at the sale offerings--I had a list! I was hunting for a Charlene Dress in Navy, a Logan Dress in Lazy Hazy, Resort Bermuda Shorts in Lagoon Green Moving Slowly, a MarieKate in Hotty Pink, a Foley in Turquoise, a Tabitha in Sunrise Orange, something in Glenda Green Pretty Gingham, a Delia in Cha-Cha, Get Nauti Callahans or a Get Nauti Recut something or other, a Rylan, a Sea Island Tunic Dress, an Athens Dress in Holla for a Dollar, a Dioone Dress in Sunkissed, Somersets, and a High Beams Recut something or other. I knew I couldn't get everything on my list but I needed some direction.

I could not view I went to some via stores and most of them were loading slowly if at all too! Eventually I ended up with an Athens and Delia in my cart but then I hesitated since neither of those dresses would get much use in my life and someone else bought them. Lilly's website was still down so I loaded it up on my phone and drove to work.

Eventually I was able to check out with the Foley in cart. I fixated on that one instead of anything else for some reason and I was so worried I would lose it. They are still in stock on but the other things I may have wanted are sold out everywhere. My phone would not load my shopping cart again after I checked out with the Foley.

MarieKate in Hotty Pink

Photo from Lilly Pulitzer

I was distracted at work all day. Went to a ballgame. Then I came home and seriously looked for other things I had wanted. I got them at Under the Palm Tree. Then Under the Palm Tree emailed me to let me know that the shorts I wanted were out of stock. But my polo shirts were on the way.

Island Sleeveless Polos in
Pretty Pink and Glenda Green
And Buttercup Shorts in Glenda
Green Pretty Gingham

Photo from Lilly Pulitzer

So the next night I went looking for my glenda green pretty gingham shorts and I found them and a size large MarieKate in Hotty Pink at The Pink Palm. And, they were in stock!

Tabitha Dress in Sunrise Orange

Photo from Splash of Pink

On the last day I went in for a final bite of the apple and I have nearly completed my Lilly Pulitzer lace rainbow. I ordered a Sunrise Orange Tabitha from the Pink Palm.

I cannot wait for all my goodies to show up. I already have the Turquoise Foley and I can't wait to wear it.

All in all I ended up spending less than I spent last year. Though I ended up spending far more than I had planned on spending. Of the things I bought during the ESS last year, there were eight items still NWT that I sold while still NWT. I think I will get use out of these lovely dresses.

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  1. I love your Endless Summer Sale picks! You're welcome to visit my blog and check out some of mine too!


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