Tuesday, August 27, 2013

One Year Later - Our First Anniversary

For our first anniversary, I had wanted to have photographs taken. I was to busy to arrange that and Mr. H is not a fan of having his photograph taken so I did not want to ask him to do that. Fortunately for him, I wasn't feeling well when we got back from my parents'. I have very sensitive skin and something had irritated it so I had a rash all over (allergies, asthma, and eczema runs in my family) and I felt uncomfortable wearing a tee-shirt even. I did not feel like having my photograph taken either.

We went up to our Alma Mater and walked around before lunch.

If only the weather had been this lovely a year ago.
It was grey and rainy when we got married.

Then we headed to the Grand Central Cafe for lunch. We only discovered them after we graduated but I am glad that we did as they make the most delicious brick oven pizza ever! We shared a pepperoni pizza (delicious) and I had a hard cider that was made in Maine.

Our plan was to watch a movie next but we finished lunch well before the movie was supposed to start. So we went to Bull Moose, a music, book, and video game store. They had just remodeled the store in town and it was huge. We bought also bought a four sided die to help us choose which type of candy to get at the theater.

Selfies in the Dark Cinema
Waiting for the Movie to Start

Rail Road Square Cinema was showing: Lovelace, The Way, Way Back, and Fruitvale Station. Fortunately Fruitvale Station was not showing at a convenient time for us as I heard that this movie about Oscar Grant made people bawl and I didn't want to watch a sad movie on my anniversary. I thought Lovelace would be a good file to watch but apparently this movie about porn starts got bad ratings and my husband thought we wouldn't enjoy it. I trust my husband's judgment about what movie to watch so we saw The Way, Way Back and I am so glad that we did. It was a fun movie. We ended up choosing a Seattle Chocolates Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar with 53% Cacao for a movie snack and it was delicious.

Best Cake Ever!

After the move we headed to pick up our Anniversary cake from Got Cake? Paula baked the most delicious cake for our wedding (the best cake I have ever had and perhaps my favorite part of my wedding) and now she was baking us new cake so that we wouldn't have to eat gross frozen cake on our Anniversary!

When we got home, my mother-in-law came by just as we got back. She had purple (our wedding color) ballons for us! She also made up a happy anniversary song and left it as a voicemail message on our answering machine! She is so wonderful.


After picking up our cake, we went home. Since we ate out for lunch, we stayed in for dinner and had Sharp Cheddar and Bacon Kraft Homestyle Macaroni and Cheese Dinner. Dinner was absolutely delicious and after dinner we had champagne and cake!

The glases and champage are from our
friends' wedding a few months ago.

Red Velvet

And, we had presents for each other. My husband gave me an appropriate first anniversary gift--books made out of paper. I gave him Red Sox Boxers from Vineyard Vines.


  1. Happy anniversary! I've never seen the book on the left, but now really want to get it for my niece.

    1. Vader's Little Princess followed the Skywalker twins into their teenage years. If your niece is still little it might be better to get Vader and Son which is about Vader and Luke Skywalker when he is a little boy.


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