Thursday, July 24, 2014

Year in Review and Going Forward

I've been enjoying blogging so far. The only thing I stress about is sticking to Tuesday and Thursday posting schedule. I started blogging to try to feel less isolated while living in Maine and I think the blog is serving this purpose in that regard.

Froyo makes everything better. Including Blog Posts.

I had been thinking about changing up my blogging schedule and maybe posting once a week, I really struggled in June to meet myself imposed posting schedule, but after my crazy busy June was over (I was only home one whole weekend that month) I realized that I didn't have too much trouble getting two posts ready to go each weekend.

Planning ahead for my second year of blogging: (1) More pictures! If I don't get a new camera for my birthday I'll just have to use my phone and (2) Shorter posts! I'll have more things scheduled to post for those times when I get super busy. I also think more pictures and shorter posts will make reading the blog a little more enjoyable. I'll still probably be too long and wordy sometimes, I didn't go to law school for nothing, but I'm going to try to break up long paragraphs with pictures and break down events into multiple posts.

And, I'm going to try to remember: Perfect is the Enemy of Good! If I keep honing a blog post until it's perfect or I keep waiting to post about something until I get the perfect pictures to go along with it, I'd never post anything. So, I've got to try to post what's good enough to post and not wait until my posts are prefect.

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