Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What I Keep in My Desk

Finally a post with a picture. I have one large draw at my desk. It's supposed to be for keeping files but it's too small for all my files so I use it for personal supplies instead. A happy eHa is a hardworking one. A hungry eHa is one who accidentally takes a nap at her desk or is too hungry to focus. So I stock supplies to keep me happy and to keep my tummy from rumbling.

For Food
I have Easy Mac and plastic utensils for when I forget my lunch (or just the utensils). I have raisins and peanuts in 4 oz canning jars for snacks. I fill em up and bring in a bunch am take them home one at a time. I also have Lara bars because those are the best.

I also have left over Advocare Spark! It's an energy drink powder and it works better than coffee or tea when I am really, tired. I have tea bags but no mugs to seep them in. (I am working on fixing that.) I have some Arnold Palmer instant drink things for when I want something sweet. I have bottle water for mixing the Spark and the Arnold Palmers in and for those days when I forget my water bottle. I also have a can of ginger ale and a drink coozie for if I have a stomachache (stress makes me sick to my stomach).

Other Body Needs
I wear contact lenses so have a spare pair of glasses and contact lens solution and a spare case. Once I scratched my cornea in high school and I had to drive home but I could only see out of one eye.

I take Allegra in the morning and before getting my allergy shots so I keep a small bottle of that at work in case I forget it in the morning or need to get my shots in the afternoon. I have tylenol for headaches. I also have lotion, hand sanitizer (not pictured because it's on top of my desk), petroleum jelly, and mouthwash.

I have spare pantyhose and RunFree to repair hose with small runs in them.

I also horde plastic grocery bags.

Other Things
I used to keep bandaids and antibiotic ointment in my desk draw but now I carry that with me in my purse. I also carry floss and toothpicks in my purse.

I also keep a fleece blanket rolled up on a spare chair that I wrap myself in when the air conditioning is too powerful or it's otherwise just too cold (everyday).

What do you find useful to keep with your at your desk?

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  1. I just got my very own unshared desk at work and cant wait to fill it up!


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