Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Take Me Out to the Ball Game . . .

A professional group that I am a part of had a night out at the Portland Sea Dogs game (a AA Red Sox Affilate)! I was really excited to go because they have a weekly happy hour. But I never go. I don't like drinking around people I don't know well and I'd much rather spend my money on clothes or candy.

The Blimp

Our tickets came with all you could eat food so we had dinner at the game and we both had two Sea Dog Biscuits (ice cream sandwiches). I got to catch up with a friend from school that I had not seen in forever! I left my phone in the car but I had my camera so I got a few pictures.

My Play by Play Announcer

The game was fun and fast. The Sea Dogs won! Minor League games are full of silly contests for children between innings. There were a number involving lobsters and fishermen since this is Maine. And there was a race between a lobster, a Maine potato, and a blueberry.

When the won, a light house came out and fireworks went off!


  1. So, who won the race? :) Sounds like a very fun outing.

    1. Minor League Baseball is the best!


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