Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Reid State Park, Georgetown, Maine - Best Beach in Maine

I really wanted to go to the beach once more before the summer ended. But, it was too cold cold to enjoy laying out on the beach so instead of going to Popham Beach (our usual place) we went to Reid State Park home of Mile Beach and Half Mile Beach.

Though it looked like it was further away than Popham Beach, it didn't seem to take nearly as long to get there. We passed through quaint Georgetown on our way there and we saw a rock painted like a turtle. At the last road we turned on, there was a rock painted with an American flag. I didn't think fast enough to get a picture.

We got there and got out of the car and it was a beautiful day in the mid 60s. The sun was shining and there were just enough clouds in the sky to make things look interesting.

We stopped at East Beach first. The grains of sand there were very large like tiny pebbles and there were rocks. We looked at the tide pools along the rocky shore and watched people fishing for a bit. 

There was a nice picknick area above this beach with a swing!

We went for a long walk around and took a picture together by the lagoon. Then we went back to our car and drove it to the parking lot for Mile Beach (I assume it is at least a whole mile long because I used RunKeeper to track this "hike" and we hiked about 3 miles).

I had remembered to bring my kite to the beach this time. I bought it about three or four years ago and this is the first time we flew it. It was loads of fun. Though I was worried that it would fly away because it was so windy!

I took the kite back to the car and we walked to the end of the beach.

On my way back, I thought I lost my precious COLBY water bottle but  my husband he reminded me that I had left it in the car.

Interesting Patterns in the Sand

We found a hut made out of drift wood. I can't wait to come back next year and see if it is still there.

The hiking fanny pack in action.

Sand Plovers. They looked so cute looking for food in the surf.

I cannot wait to go back sometime and see Half-Mile Beach!

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