Tuesday, August 5, 2014

New (to Us) House

We're moving to be closer to our work places. Hubs new job would be over an hour commute away from where we live now. Hubs was in charge of looking since he wasn't working every day, teachers work too much during the school year and not enough during the summer.

We had been thinking about buying but it makes more sense (finical and otherwise) to rent. He went looking on a Thursday and was so dejected. He went looking again Friday. He met me for lunch and was so excited about this one house he found. So I gave him the go ahead to rent it sight unseen (he showed me pictures he took on his camera.

We started morning in over the weekend and I took some pictures! I'll be giving a full tour, room by room, once we move our furniture in and unpack all the boxes.


Walking in! The landlord's mother was an artist and she
painted this fresco of Mt. Fuji in the downstairs closet.

Screened in Side Porch

The Living Room


Towards the Front Door and the Porch
(The House Came with a Piano)

The Dining Room

We will use it as a den since the kitchen has a
breakfast nook and we don't have a dining room table.

The Kitchen

I loved the backslash!

Up the Stairs

The Pink Bathroom

The light fixture is the best.

Wallpaper in the bathroom.

A Bedrooms

The Upstairs Laundry Room

Crazy Wall Paper

Downstairs and Outside

My new OOTD Mirror!

The Garage

Moving Tips

If you have to move, movers' plastic wrap will be you new BFF. I've used it to wrap smaller boxes together so it's like I have one big box and I've used to to cover the tops of box sized bins. We'll use it to secure the drawers on our big furniture when we move that.

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