Thursday, August 14, 2014

I Know I'm Getting Old Because . . .

I usually listen to NPR during my commute. I listen to my oldies stations (90s on 9 and Pop 2k) instead of Top 40 Radio. (I've always listened to real oldies since I like classic rock and Motown.)

I am so confused by piercings and tattoos. I have no idea when they seem to have suddenly become popular and common in the past couple of years.

I have absolutely no time for new tech. I am still rocking my iPhone 4 and I have no use for SnapChat. I am not a fan of the new cars that turn on without keys.

I only wear comfortable flats and I like wearing pantyhose to work.

I am continually surprised by interns who wear too short dresses and skirts to work.

I go to sleep by 10 most nights, even on weekends. Even if I am gripped by insomnia, I am probably in bed.

I have a growing collection of handwritten receipe cards.

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