Thursday, June 26, 2014

June Thankful Thursday + Best of Instagram

June 1 - I wore my Lilly Pulitzer Memsey dress for the first time! I bought it about four years ago, it's always been a little too big until now.

The Cards I bought for E3 and then forgot.
June 2 - While I didn't get to go to the warehouse sale, I got to meet another Lilly Lover. Her brother is in the same club as  E3 and is graduating with her this year so we met at their club BBQ.
June 3 - I now have Lobstah Roll Callahans. My first LP purchase of the summer.
June 4 - Umm I fell asleep at work and didn't get in trouble?

Almost an OOTD
Vintage the Lilly Skirt

June 6 - I learned the difference between Times and Times New Roman and I figured out how to rearange my desk so I didn't keep hitting my knee on the keyboard holder I never use.
June 7 - Reunion!

Evening Out Tan Lines from Reunion

June 8 - I donated playlets and went to Pink Tangerine. It was so good to have time to myself. FYI The Butler is not a happy movie. Nobody told me the man's son was a freedom rider! It was scary learning about what they went thru by reading books about what happened to them and it was absolutely terifiying to watch.
June 9 - Started a cleanse! So excited to get back to eating healthy and exercising and maybe (hopefully loosing some weight).

My Voting OOTN
I can jog to my polling place.

June 10 - I am thankful I can vote.
June 11 - I started doing a 5k plan on RunKeeper.
June 12 - My eyes haven't gotten any worse. I had a good day at work. I made a difference.

June 14 - I got a haircut and finally made it to the farmers market. Cheese curds FTW!

Healthy Clean Dinner from the Farmer's Market
Kohlrabi Root (with Onions) and Greens with Pork Loin

June 18 - Down 5 pounds! I'm back at what seems like average for me weight wise. We'll credit the Advocare Herbal Cleanse for motivating me.
June 19 - The little hotel we stayed at near Logan was so nice. It was nice to spend time with the Hubs too!

A Lilly skirt that I've had for a years but this was
the first time I wore it out of the house.

June 20 - Our flight home was great. We got Krispy Kreme doughnuts hot out of the fryer. I put my contacts in a public bathroom and I didn't shower first thing in the morning (when we woke up at 3:45 AM). This is a big improvement for a germaphobe like me.
June 20 - Culver's frozen custard!

June 22 - Dinner with Dad at Ron of Japan. I meet E2's me boyfriend and liked him. He seems like a keeper too.
June 23 - Hubs and I got to spend extra time together in a plane on a runway. We had dinner at Sonic and it was super delicious and wonderful.

June 24 - I did not fall asleep at work despite staying up until 1/2 AM.
June 25 - Hubs and I had lunch together at She Dosen't Like Guthries. Lunch was delicious. So grateful for my hour long lunch.

My New High Score!

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