Thursday, June 19, 2014

Big Pet Peeves

1. Men who wear black suits and dark colored shirts. Especially when they wear those shirts that you can buy in a package with a matching tie. Ugh. I don't know what it is but I just don't like.* (I love Lilly so I love wild bright colors so I think that has something to do with it.) And, on a similar note white athletic socks with dress clothes. It bugged me so much when law students did it! I try to cut people out on the street some slack if they're pulling off this list but look like they may not have enough money to go out an buy a new pair of socks.

2. People who don't use their turn signals and people who don't use their lights during precipitation events. It's so much easier for me to not hit your car with my car if I know where you want to go and I can see you. I have an SUV and during a winter precipitation event is is near next to impossible to see clearly out the back window but I can see headlights.

3. Regular misuse of easy to distinguish cognates also apostrophes abuse. I'm looking at you people who can't seem to figure out their, they're, and there! Their is when something belongs to someone or a group of people. They're is a shortened from of "they are." There is a place. Also to, too, and two. 2/two is a number and too is when you've got too much of something or you want to do something too. I can't describe "to." One to apostrophes in the wrong places! You pretty much only use an apostrophe when saying someone owns something. This is so wrong: "five orange's for sale!" This is so right: "Joe's oranges are for sale." (I try to cut people with limited education or LEP people slack since this is really just a how much school did you get through in English kind of thing.)

4. Feet and shoes are disgusting. Please don't post OOTDs of where your clothes are laid out and your dirty discussing shoes are on your clothes. Also, photos of your suitcases with your shoes in them not in a shoe bag make me cringe. Just thinking about this long enough to write about it has made me feel uneasy. Like you have no idea how disgusting I find shoes and feet.

5. People who Instagram words. Instagram is for pictures. There are some pictures with words in them. But there are also definitely a lot of things that get instagrammed that are just words. I only want to see your inspirational quote if it has a pretty picture as a background!

6. The fact that I've been so busy lately that I haven't had time to sit down and devote myself to generating interesting blog posts! How do you guys work and blog and not neglect your significant others?

What weird things bug you inordinately?

* I feel really awkward about this dislike. It seems classist to me. Like it seems like only people of more limited means do this. But I find the color combination to be depressing and sketchy. So let me know your thoughts on this aspect the dark suit + dark shirt combo in particular and if need be I'll check myself before I wreck myself.

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  1. I always get annoyed get annoyed when people post words on instagram too!


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