Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Happy Birthday to Hubs!

I made this from scratch with cake flour! Except for the frosting because I think homed frosting is gross.
This cake was a true labor of love since I had to separate eggs and use the hand mixer for what seemed
like hours in order to cream the butter and beat the egg whites until they were stiff.

We are now the same age and I am no longer a cougar. His birthday was last week. On his actual birthday we went to Applebee's because he loves their pretzel breadsticks also because I hate doing the dishes (and also because my mom gave us a gift card). I also baked him brownies, dark chocolate brownies with unsweetened baking cocoa instead of the cheaper semi-sweet chocolate chips that I use when I bake brownies for his class.

This was legitimately the best thing I found for the lock of fur.
I looked at both Michaels and A C Moore.

We didn't do much on his actual birthday. He didn't want anything at all for his birthday but I did get him a gift. But, it was so low key I forgot to give him the gift I bought him--a nice glass to put the lock of his dog's fur in. (I was excited about getting my car back from the shop.)

I was orange and I lost badly.

On Saturday, we had friends over! I baked him a cake and we played Settlers of Catan and Game & Wario's multiplayer games.

Hubs brother decorated with a Pokémon Theme.
Hubs is now 27. BIL is 30. I am surrounded by oversized children.

We had dinner with his family on Sunday, with another wonderful cake decorate by his sister.

It's a Pokéball!
Note also Hubs' 3DS on the right with Pokémon Y inside. 


  1. Happy belated Birthday to your husband! That cake looks delicious!!

  2. So many cakes! Everything looks awesome!



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