Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Trip Home

I hoped on the Bus tuesday morning to get to Logan to fly home! I wore my long down coat the whole way except for when I went thru security. I got great pictures of the ice on the lake. My mom got me at the airport. I got home and I chillaexed and finalized my plans with my friends. We waited forever for my dad to get home from work. And then we went to my favorite kitchy restaurant the Claim Company, the also have the best salad bar.

Ice on the Lake from the Air

My trip was going to be a challenging one. The past year has been so rough. My parents have been on and off again about getting a divorce and my dad has had his own separate apartment since last March. He bought his secretary a house. My dad is so incapable of having an affair but it looked like he was to my mom. My grandma has dementia and its keeps getting worse. My dad had tax trouble and the IRS threatened to seize the house to satisfy the tax debt, this issue has since been mostly resolved. Also my dad developed hand tremors and the brain scan suggests Parkinson's.

My mom has reacted to all this by drinking and E2, the med student, was concerned that she was either an alcoholic or about to become one. I noticed that I would talk to her and then she'd forget our whole entire conversation by the next day, presumably we talked while she was really drunk. E3 noticed some slurred words. So, when my mom asked if I'd come home for "spring break" I said yes so that E2 and I could talk with her about it. We decided on Wednesday evening.

It went better than expected. My mom knew she had a problem but thought it was a natural response to how miserable her past year has been (no argument there). She wants to sign a post-nup with my dad and knew that would be ready in the next couple of months so she said she'd start working on going back to drinking her normal amount after they signed that or after they decided that they couldn't sign that and go ahead with the divorce. So Mom knows we're worried about her and she has a plan to get better. We'll see how this goes.

I spent the evening, after the intervention, at ET's and BB's new apartment! ET is one of my oldest friends, her mom ran our girl scout troupe. JR also came! She had been teaching English in Korea forever and it's so wonderful to have her back. ET is a nutritionist so she and BB made us dinner and then we played Apples to Apples!

The Marina Towers' Parking Levels

Hubs family dog was put to sleep while I was away. She had stopped standing up on her own the weekend before I left. And on Tuesday she stopped eating. The vet came to their house on Wednesday to put her too sleep. I was so worried for Hubs.

On Thursday I woke up early and headed into the City with my dad. I do not miss the morning rush hour. I hung out in a hotel room while he attend a meeting at the hotel and then we went to his office. My Aunt F has been helping my dad get reorganized after his secretary left. My mom also thinks Aunt F is trying to set my dad up with a new girlfriend/wife but I think that's just alcohol induced paranoia so. My aunt showed me around the office and introduced me to the people there. They're all really nice the hope is that do some work remotely to help out since while my dad is brilliant he's an absent minded professor type.

Pulled Pork with Peppers, a Lovely Mango, Plantian, and Greens

I was so tired. I have trouble sleeping without Hubs especially when I am worried about him. So my aunt and I didn't do much while hanging out. We went to this wonderful Brazilian restaurant run by a woman form Brazil for lunch named Sinhá. She was wonderful she chatted with my Aunt and me and chided me for not eating my greens--I gave them a try at least. It was legit the best food I have ever had! I had pulled pork and it was so incredibly delicious and the presentation was wonderful!

Red Velvet Cheese Cake

During lunch my Aunt told me all kinds of interesting things about growing up and encouraged me to ask my dad more about his childhood. Then I got to see my Aunt's office and then since I was to tired to do anything we headed over to E2's apartment because she was back from "school." OMG E2's apartment is so messy!

They're open for Lunch now!

My aunt took us back to my dad's office and we went home, in rush hour traffic. I learned a little bit about my dad. I knew he was a trouble maker in high school but I learned that part of why he ended up going to college in the US instead of medical school in Nigeria is because he wanted to help some friends who were bad students so he let them copy his paper on an SAT like test. His results were thrown out so that changed his plans for a year, just long enough to think more about going to school in America.

My mom had got me gyros for dinner! Hard to find and incredibly delicious chicken gyros! I miss gyros so much while in Maine. I haven't been able to find real ones (sliced off a rotating spit) anywhere in Maine.

I'll continue detailing my adventures on Tuesday. I think I've shared enough text with you today. I got so behind on emails and everything when I was at my parents' house with their super slow internet!


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  1. I'm glad to hear you made some progress with your mom! I hope things get better.


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