Tuesday, December 10, 2013

There Will Be Mud

It may or may not be frozen.

A Summary of Our Tree Finding Adventures

This weekend Mr. H and I went to look for a Christmas tree. Mr. H needs to find the perfect tree. The tree he searches for is tall enough that it almost touches the ceiling, it is full, and it is relatively large around. (If Mr. H were a rapper he might make a novelty cover of Sir Mix-a-Lot's "Baby Got Back" about Christmas trees since he can honestly say "I like big [trees] and I can not lie").

Last year, we went to the tree farm his family used to always go to and we went home empty handed because none of the trees there were good enough. The next day he went with his brother to a different tree farm in Edgecomb and found a winner.

So this year we started in Edgecomb. Mr. H picked me up from the CA$H training, where I started to learn how to prepare tax returns to help low income people, around 1 p.m. and we headed north to the Green Acre Tree Farm. Their trees cost about $7 a foot + $3 for bundling so we were planning on spending about $50. They did not take credit cards and Ben had forgotten to get extra cash (I tried to stay jolly so there was no I told you so). We drove aways to an ATM, paid some bank fees, and got some cash. 

Started looking for a tree around 2:00. There's a steep hill from the farm office to down to the trees and there's another hill between the first batch of trees and even more trees. It was cold and muddy. It was right around freezing and very windy. We found one tree right away that was okay but it looked very dead inside so we were both worried that it wouldn't last a very long time.
Top L-to-R: Mud, Green Acre Tree Farm
Bottom L-to-R: Fake Ducks by the Frozen Pond,
Discarded Tires on the Edge of the Farm
(There were at least three "dumps" with trash scattered about the farm.)
We walked around for a long time looking for a better tree. The trees weren't very evenly spaced and some grew into one another so it was hard to see their shape. We didn't find one after walking around forever so we went back to the dead inside tree and some family was chopping it down! We walked around some more up and down the hills looking for another tree that we might be able to take home with us. There were some that looked okay but they were all very crooked and lopsided. (Our second Christmas tree fell over on us so I am a picky about how straight the tree is.) 

We left empty handed after over an hour and a half of walking around in the cold, windy twilight. We got home around 4:00. It was a long disappointing afternoon after a morning learning about preparing taxes. (Not the best Saturday.)

I really wanted to get a tree that weekend. It seemed to close to Christmas not to have a tree and I was afraid that if we waited until next weekend it would be even colder and possibly snowy when we went to choose a tree. After we got home Mr. H called his mom to ask about other tree farms. She suggested Fredrickson's in Monmouth. We decided we'd get up extra early on Sunday and go there.

Mr. H in the Big Old Trees
at Fredrickson's

I was glad we did. As we drove up we saw all the perfect trees in perfectly spaced in a "field" next to the road. From the road, every tree looked nearly perfect. I was so incredibly happy. There was no parking lot so we pulled over by the side of the road next to their office, got out, and started looking. (The all the trees here were only $36 bundled!) It was cold though, with the wind child it was supposed to feel like 14º.

I can touch the celling in our apartment so we use me
as a measuring stick to see if the tree will fit in house.

Fortunately, we found a tree in less than an hour and we had the opposite problem from the one we had the previous day! Instead of trying to find the best tree in a field of mediocre ones, we had to decide which tree was the best of the best!

Ben got out his saw and chopped down the winner and a nice lady helped him saw it down. Ben passed along the kind act and later helped a women and two children, who I assume were her sons, chop down their tree.

The office and the Tree Bundler.
They also had a shaker which shook the
loose needles out of the tree before they bundled it!

Then we carried our bundled tree back to my car and loaded it up. I tied most of the knots since I considered my self a sailor for a brief time in middle school (I took lessons and sailed on the Lake). We got back in the car and I poured us the hot chocolate that I had packed in my thermos that morning, it was still scalding after over three hours in the car.

I did a good job tying the tree to the car.
The Sun Roof is Useful for Monitoring the Tree
We watched the tree and it did not budge even though
we were going 55 mph and going around curves.
I have mad knot tying skills!

We got home and Mr. H had to go sing so we left the tree on top of the car. He got home from his performance right before dinner so he took the tree down and measured it. It was 9 feet tall! We knew we'd have to cut off some but we weren't expecting it to be quite so tall. Our ceilings are only about 8 feet high. He cut off quite a bit. (I'm going to make a swaggy thing for the front door with the trimmings, I think, since there is a lot.) We brought the tree in to put it in the stand and it was still too tall! Our ceiling was okay. We trimmed off a bit of the trunk and tried again. The tree was still too tall; fortunately, the ceiling was still okay. The third time was the charm.

My Lumber Jack Husband
Mr. H ended up cut about four inches off the bottom of the once we got it inside.  But we got it up eventually and it fills our living room. Mr. H keeps talking about how nice it looks and smells. I think he is very happy with it so all the trouble we getting it had over the weekend is forgotten.

We let it rest a day. Just incase. The trunk was a little crooked and I we didn't want it to tip over. We usually decorate it right away. Also, we were very tired.

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  1. Lovely tree! I totally get why you let it rest before you decorated it! We had a tree fall a few years ago and break tons of ornaments! We did the same thing this year and let it sit in the stand all day.


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