Thursday, October 1, 2015

No Spend October

October is going to be No Spend October for me. I bought a lot in Spetember.

I ordered a better sweater jacket, two pairs of the warmest long underwear bottoms and a long underwear top from Patagonia. I placed a large order at Target for some kiddo clothes and throw blankets for the kids to use because they keep draging their bed comforters all over the house. I also got new pillow cases and a throw blanket for me. I bought a TON of blue pens from Jet Pens (this site is so awsome) and Amazon because I am a lawyer and pens are very important to me and I've been having trouble finding ones that I like to use that don't bleed thru legal pads. I also picked up a bible translated to a third grade reading level, an external hard drive to back up my computer now that I carry it aroud with me regularly (we had shared an external hard drive for back ups between our two computers but I wasn't backing up my computer often because I had to detach it from my husband's iMac and recconect it to my MacBook and there's no convient place for my MacBook to sit next to the iMac), and a charchol odor absorber since the kiddos like perfume and I do not Then I bought some new tights and bras because Bare Necessities is have a sale. All these purchases were justifiable but not entierly necessary.

My Rules Are:
I'm not spending money on me this month. I can spend money on consumables and replacements for necessary things. So I'll be gassing up my car and buying groceries as usual. I'll be replacing things as they break if they are things that really add value to my life. I'll also be buying gifts to give to people if I see something they like that is on sale--my dating anniversary, my mom's birthday, and Christmas are all coming up. I won't eat out of my own initiative. If my family wants to go out to eat, I will. I'll go out to lunch or eat lunch out once no more than once a week if my co-workers or work schedule demand.

Let's see how this goes!

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